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    저희 이메일 my121.co.kr@gmail.com   또는 010-9272-1027 로 원하시는 수업 시간과 요일을 남겨주세요. 

    하나은행 126-910290-05907  (최,성혁)


Convenient Lessons

We offer private tutoring in your area, at a time that suits you.

Find Tutors or Students the Easy Way

We offer a hassle-free way of finding a tutor or student in your area, at your convenience. Students can choose from native speakers, non-native speakers and Business English, as well as specialist tutoring such as IELTS and TOEFL

Easy Payment

For students, payment can be made by credit card, debit card, or through bank transfer. For tutors, we offer prompt payment through bank transfer. Sign up here.


Native Teacher (원어민 )
  • 온라인 결제
  • 안전 결제
  • 카드 결제
Monthly Package
  • 10 시간 수업
  • 1대1 개인수업
  • 원하는 시간
  • 할인 패키지
Non-native Teacher (비원어민)
  • 온라인 결제
  • 안전 결제
  • 카드결제
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My 121 offers a friendly and professional team of teachers for your personal 1-2-1 lessons in South Korea. All our staff are qualified to teach English to you, all legal and above board. All payment is made through the site, for your convenience and you will receive bigger discounts the more lessons you sign up for.

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